IT Life is possible in the bank! We develop a number of systems that provide to customers and partners with remote banking services. We use Angular 5, React 16.x, HTML5, CSS3, LESS on the front-end, middleware software for management business processes, and failover backend based on Java EE and .NET services.
7 липня 2022

Senior Java developer (вакансія неактивна)

віддалено до $6000

We’re creating a modern and comfortable mobile bank for Ukrainians.
Two million people are already our users. Our satisfaction score is over 93%.
And that’s just a warm-up. We will deliver even more and faster to delight the users.
Our ambitious goal is to lead in both the quality and speed of feature updates.
Our recent updates:
• Simple and effective application of „єПідтримка” and Armed Forces of Ukraine support features.
• Liveness detection during onboarding lets users avoid visiting branches and waiting in the queue.
• Interactive live and emotional support chat.
• Worldwide known money-transfer systems support.
• A huge UX update based on user feedback is halfway to its delivery.
Why are we hiring?
Client surveys show we are second in the country regarding stability and speed of updates.
But we strive for more! Minding this, we’re looking out for experienced engineers to help us with:
• Creating a new gateway service letting all dev teams connect their features easily and quickly to mobile banking.
• Optimizing or creating the most important, critical, and loaded services from scratch.
• Building a new technical console to track and manage the mobile banking service state.
Let’s get the ball rolling together!
Onboarding plan and goals
In two weeks, you’ll finish with:
• Getting to know your team and mentor, setting up a working environment, and learning the technical guidelines.
• Realizing how we work with our goals, tribes, squads, chapters, and how we use Agile.
• Fixing something to dive into the project and understand it more with the mentor’s help.
In one and a half months:
• You’ll be creating the future most loaded and critical mobile service.
• You’ll finish a couple of tasks and will constantly be learning the project deeper.
• You’ll provide and get back feedback on working with us.
In three months:
• You’ll be developing and designing essential services and architecture components.
• You’ll create an individual development plan in collaboration with your mentor.
• You’ll get and provide final feedback on the first period with us.
In half of the year:
• You’ll constantly create essential services and release them with a high-quality level. GraphQL server for many microservices and a few mobile apps will be the first.
• You’ll be the owner of your code, review contributions from your teammates, consult about your services, and occasionally mentor a few novices.
Tech Requirements.
We use it daily and expect you experienced with:
• Microservice-based development;
• Caching strategies and approaches;
• Popular cloud (e.g., AWS, Azure, GAE);
• Load balancing (versions, instances architecture);
• Queues;
• Аlgorithms and design patterns;
• Troubleshooting (logs analysis, debugging);
Must stack:
• Languages/Specifications: Java 11, GraphQL, OpenAPI, OAuth 2.0, SQL
• Frameworks: Spring (Boot, MVC, Security, Data)
• Tools: Git, Maven, Docker, Jira, ELK, Grafana
• Databases: MongoDB, Redis
• Messaging: Redis
• Testing: JUnit, Mockito
It will be a plus:
• Languages/Specifications/Frameworks: Java 17, XML, SOAP, Hibernate
• Tools: Confluence, GitLab, SonarQube, Jenkins, Jaeger
• Databases: PostgreSQL
• Messaging: RabbitMQ, Kafka
• Testing: JMeter, Cucumber, Testcontainers