FS Group

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FSGroup is a leader in the field of research and cyber threat prevention. The company’s Ukrainian based experts have successfully engaged in the investigation of high-tech crimes through the use of security audits of computer systems and the implementation of integrated network solutions. Government agencies, private companies, and individual entities are among FSGroup client base.

The company collaborates hand-in-hand with international organizations and is actively involved with reforming national legislation aimed at the regulation of the IT market. Thus, due to public and private sector cooperation, the international community and non-governmental entities achieve maximum efficiency in fighting cybercrime.

FSGroup specialists are highly qualified experts with unique practical experiences in the fields of system auditing for computer vulnerabilities, investigation of information security incidents, and resource protection from various cyber attacks. The company’s experienced professionals also maintain knowledge related to the areas of security, database, and network resources with the ability to train and develop secure software for IT-Specialists.

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