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FreySoft is a rapidly growing team of talented, enthusiastic, and motivated developers, based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our company provides integrated strategic outstaffing services for IT functions in a highly professional and efficient manner.

The key areas of our activity include IT staff augmentation, web and mobile app development, MVP development for startups, integration & automatization, legacy application transformation, UI/ UX product design, and AI-chatbots development.

At FreySoft, we offer:

— Competitive salary & benefits
We highly take care of meeting the core needs of our employees and provide the competitive rewards that differentiate us in the marketplace.

— Inspiring projects & self-development
We offer you ongoing opportunities to develop world-class technology and expertise skills via managing various multidirectional projects that matter.

— Beauracrasy-free environment
We have an open policy inside the company that promotes transparency and a friendly, supportive atmosphere among colleagues.

— Team cohesion
Our people are the ones who make the magic. Through accountability and mutual respect, we strive to create a highly regarded professional IT community and bring significant value to IT-based businesses.

—Active corporate life
We regularly inspire our talented developers to create and innovate via corporate going-outs, active mini-activities, and outdoor events.

We transform challenges into interesting perspectives for experienced IT specialists and open new opportunities to IT novices.

Join our team, together we can do more!

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