FreySoft is an international custom software development agency that dives deep into the business and offers the most effective technical solutions.

We improve and optimize business processes through great IT solutions not only for ourselves but also for clients from mid-size to large enterprises. We implement custom business objectives by hiring only 10x software developers with solid hard and soft skills.

Since 2018, our clients have been trusting FreySoft to create their MVPs and full-fledged products easy to support and scale.

FreySoft’s mission is to assist broad-minded organizations in fostering their growth, reducing time to market, increasing competitive edge through next-generation technical products, and simply supporting existing solutions when it is required. As your reliable partner, FreySoft will make you proud of the jobs done, carry out your business requirements, and meet custom objectives to make you reach your goals faster.

Our engagement models:
— Managed Delivery
Get the job done with our self-managed team. We transform your request into operational solutions freeing you up for strategic initiatives.
— Staff augmentation
Empower your core team with professional developers who are qualified to increase the speed, performance, and effectiveness of your project.
— Dedicated teams
Get a pool of experts that are committed to you and your vision.

Join our team, together we can do more!

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