Join the Freshcode team of 140+ IT specialists who are always ready to collaborate, support, and enjoy corporate parties together 😄 Welcome to our office in Zaporizhzhia.

Freshcode has been successfully implementing software development projects since 2014. We focus on Clojure, JavaScript (ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS) and .NET software development. Also, we grow React Native and DevOps teams.

Current vacancies:

Our team is located worldwide: Ukraine, Poland, UK, Canada, Bulgaria, Portugal, and Ireland. We follow a flexible work-from-anywhere philosophy and human-centered values:

► Freedom
We were working remotely before it became mainstream. No time trackers on most projects. Flexible schedule with time-shift options. At Freshcode you can seamlessly shift to the desired technology and develop your career.

► Involvement
We care about our team and the mission we represent. Freshcode actively participates in volunteering. Another priority is education, which includes developing a training center, collaborating with IT communities, and organizing lectures and workshops.

► Support
Freshcode provides a lot of opportunities to unlock your potential. The company invests in onboarding and training programs to provide a strong sense of belonging and a comfortable work environment. We enjoy a culture of accessibility and zero bureaucracy, ensuring a smooth workflow.

► Development
Our team is passionate about gaining new experiences and sharing knowledge. We do our best to provide employees with professional opportunities, including mentorship programs, Team Lead school, and individual development plans.

▬▬▬⠀⠀By joining Freshcode, you can:
• create your flexible schedule
• receive support from mentor/team lead (and grow into these positions)
• develop your career and expand new horizons
• directly communicate with top management
• have a healthy work environment with open-minded and supportive teammates
• enjoy corporate parties and team-building events

▬▬▬⠀⠀Are you interested in functional programming?
We have a dedicated Clojure expert center and warmly welcome developers who are passionate about functional programming and have 2+ years of professional experience (regardless of the programming language).

More about Clojure:
• Research (​-community-research-ebook)
• Blog (

Join our Clojure team:

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