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Frag Lab is a videogame development studio based in Kiev, Ukraine. We are focused on next-gen AAA free to play FPS games. We are the family of game industry veterans who have dedicated their lives to building great games for various audiences.
2 июля 2019

PVE Level Designer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

• Experience with modern game engines.
• Ability to work well as part of a team;
• Creativity, ability to challenge the player;
• Critical and analytical sense;
• Ability to put oneself in the players shoes.
• Enthusiasm and desire to work in the game development industry;
• Adept with 3D Max, Photoshop
• MOD community experience preferred
• Good communication skills;
• Good knowledge of and experience in computer and video games;
• Good visual/artist skills
• Experience with scripting, art or architecture


• competitive salary & benefits package
• modern and comfortable office with lots of perks
• perfect working conditions and great team to work with
28-days paid vacation
• training programs
• corporate events and team buildings
• compensation for gym, swimming pool etc.
• English classes
• medical insurance


• Design and build best-in AAA class cooperative levels
• Collaborate with the Design team, Artists, and Engineers to refine player experiences and spaces to fulfill the creative vision of the product
• Team with Art Direction and Environment Art team to ensure visually compelling levels using composition skills such as form, shape and color
• Work in collaboration with the Environment artist to ensure that the level is playable and that the graphic elements support each other.
• Block-out, build, playtest, and tune 3D levels through various phases of development
• Understands and applies the narrative ambition in the levels;
• Create level design that supports and enhances core mechanics
• Be familiar with the script and, more specifically, with the episodes in his/her level so that the story remains coherent by working with the narrative team;
• Strong game design skills: must be able to intelligently discuss the strengths and weaknesses of recent multiplayer shooter titles; must be able to describe techniques used to make fun, compelling PVP and PVE levels and systems

О проекте

Frag Lab studio is a videogames development company based in Kiev and focused on next gen F2P MMO Shooter built with Amazon Game Tech and published by Wargaming. Our team of industry veterans is now working on a new revolutionary IP and we are looking for PVE Level Designer.

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