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Frag Lab is a videogame development studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are focused on next-gen AAA free to play FPS games. We are the family of game industry veterans who have dedicated their lives to building great games for various audiences.
9 ноября 2020

Animation Generalist


Необходимые навыки

• 2+ years in movie or post production industries as Animator or similar position
• Deep knowledge of 3DMax, Maya, Motion Builder
• Good knowledge of mocap system and proven experience to use it in production
• Good knowledge of key frame animation, retargeting and rigging
• Knows how to retarget and adapt mocap animation to any model

Будет плюсом

• Good knowledge of Houdini, Cinema4D, Blender
• Good knowledge of simulation software
• Knowledge of major game engine (CryEngine, Unreal, Unity or similar)
• Experience of working in game development industry


• competitive salary & benefits package
• modern and comfortable office with lots of perks
• perfect working conditions and great team to work with
28-days paid vacation
• training programs
• corporate events and team buildings
• compensation for gym, swimming pool etc.
• English classes
• medical insurance


Your role would be to join our newly formed video production team and to work on various marketing assets for our game. The range of work may vary from creating posters to full range support in game trailers production. You will be responsible for re-targeting mocap data to various in-game characters, cleaning up mocap if needed, rigging and key frame animation of characters and objects.

О проекте

Frag Lab studio is a videogames development company based in Kiev and focused on next gen F2P MMO Shooter built with Amazon Game Tech and published by Wargaming. Our team of industry veterans is now working on a new revolutionary IP and we are looking for Animation Generalist


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