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Forma Pro is an outsourcing and outstaffing software development company backed by a team of strong professionals. There’s an opportunity for newcomer to learn new things from the right people.

Still not sure? Here’s a short checklist to make sure Forma-Pro is great place for you.

So if you...

— Can’t stand the company reinventing the wheel and would like it to use common tools, practices and solutions being a standards for enterprise applications development;
— Want to be free in making decisions and choosing technologies;
— Find it important for company to have code review practice;
— Would like to take part as a developer in startups on different stages;
— Are willing to work in a team of skilled developers;
— Require that his opinion is taken into consideration;
— Never stop studying and self improving;
... then you should definitely apply on one of our open developer positions!

For you we offer a friendly and comfortable atmosphere of a family company achieved by:

— Office in a city center;
— No open space areas;
— Free tea, coffee, cookies and lunches;
— Relax zones in the office;
— Inventing new sport, tourist, bar and restaurant activities and taking part in them, but without any teambuilding;

You hardly face any bureaucracy and inadequate management:

— We offer flexible working hours as we put work efficiency over the life by schedule;
— We take projects according to our developers preferences, which makes our employees motivated by the work they do and thus grow as professionals;
— We establish direct communication channels between our developers and the customers via stand-up calls;
— We maintain an atmosphere of comprehended and adequate development approach by discussing not only what we consider as right things, but also how to do them right;
— We prefer projects where our developers can influence on technologies choice and how they are applied;

Forma Pro offers you an excellent environment for a professional growth, because we:

— Allow our team members to spend some work time to study new technologies;
— Have a strict selection process for hiring new developers by conducting complex interviews and doing onboarding process with a mentor, so it’s not easy to become a part of the team;
— However even if you don’t pass an interview you’ll know what to learn to try again;
— Have English classes and everyday language practice with customers — you have no chance not to improve your English.

Join our team!

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