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О компании is a global leader in data collection and business process optimization software.

Beginning in 2002, our mission has been quite simple: To help organizations solve their data-driven challenges and become more efficient in the process. Our focus is steadfast on developing our core technology to becoming increasingly flexible, which in turn, enables us to better serve our customers and their individual needs.

As the result, we are trusted by industry leaders around the world, such as: Intel, Sony, Amazon, TESCO, IBM, etc..

The main principle for our company is being of service. And it is true not only towards customers, but all our employees. We always work as one team contributing our combined knowledge, skills and core competencies to ensure we deliver the quality results. That are the key components that help our company to grow.

Founded on the need for software to be flexible and modular, has become a strategic technology partner trusted by businesses and large corporations around the world.