Forex Tester Software, Inc.

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Forex Tester Software offers innovative tools to enhance traders’ success in the dynamic Forex market. Trading is challenging and risky, yet essential in our fast-paced information era. Our two flagship products are designed to empower users in this field.

Firstly, Forex Tester is an advanced backtesting software, functioning as a trading simulator. It equips traders with essential skills and insights for navigating the ever-changing currency market. With numerous features, it streamlines and enriches forex training. This simulator caters to those who aim to profit from currency trading and those curious about the market’s mechanics. Users can explore various strategies and approaches, transforming trading from a gamble into a structured profession. Forex Tester swiftly evaluates strategies, expert advisors, or scripts, allowing users to refine successful ones and discard ineffective methods.
Secondly, we introduce Forex Trade Copier, a robust and automated cross-platform signal copier. This tool enables users to earn by replicating trades from either successful or underperforming traders. Its automated nature frees you from constant computer monitoring. Ideal for Forex mentors, it allows for seamless sharing of trading signals with students and clients, enhancing service quality with our trade copier software.

As a global IT product company, we specialize in crafting tools and add-ons designed to enhance Forex trading education and efficiency. Our mission is to aid traders in honing their skills while speeding up the learning curve, thereby reducing financial risks.

Forex Tester software stands out as the premier choice for testing trading strategies against historical Forex market data. Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has made our product a favorite among both novices and seasoned traders. With over 50,000 sales across the globe, 17 years of experience in the financial market, and multilingual, high-quality free support, our impact is evident.

Forex Tester Software, Inc. is on the lookout for dedicated professionals eager to contribute actively to the creation and delivery of cutting-edge solutions for traders.