Flyer One Ventures

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Київ, Лісабон (Португалія)

Flyer One Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm which invests in startups from Europe and North America. Our team is based in Portugal, Poland, Ukraine and other European countries. We already invested in over 60 startups and deployed $35M within 4 years.

We invest at Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A stages. Our average check is $500k, but we can go as low as $100k and as high as $2M. We usually do not lead and do not participate in rounds alone.

We are industry agnostic, but we only invest in purely software companies and avoid hardware, crypto, gaming, and companies which involve production of physical goods.

After we invest in startups, we help them with digital marketing, recruiting, PR, business development, preparation to fundraising and fundraising itself. We also have access to industry experts, which we match with our portfolio companies by request. Our portfolio companies call us the most helpful VC on their captable.

Our GP is an ex-entrepreneur who founded a venture builder Genesis with around $1B in annual revenues.