24 листопада 2021 16:48

Dmytrii Puzyr, Software Engineer в Fluxon

Fluxon is a great employer: company policy is transparent, the atmosphere is friendly, and every worker has ownership over the project they work on; every idea is to be heard and appreciated. As far as I’ve seen, Fluxon values its employees and stands for their interests.

The team consists of open-minded professionals (believe me, this word is justified) who are always ready to help.

Speaking of the company’s cons, — there aren’t any red or even significant yellow light ones. For myself, there’s a very minor inconvenience regarding timezones: sometimes I feel like I could’ve shifted my workday 1-2 hours earlier in the day; I don’t find it critical, though.

Oh, and a couple of words about the projects — these are attractive from both product and technical sides! The development cycle feels just right, with an accent on swift progression while keeping tech debt to a minimum.


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