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Fluxon is a great employer: company policy is transparent, the atmosphere is friendly, and every worker has ownership over the project they work on; every idea is to be heard and appreciated. As far as I’ve seen, Fluxon values its employees and stands for their interests.

The team consists of open-minded professionals (believe me, this word is justified) who are always ready to help.

Speaking of the company’s cons, — there aren’t any red or even significant yellow light ones. For myself, there’s a very minor inconvenience regarding timezones: sometimes I feel like I could’ve shifted my workday 1-2 hours earlier in the day; I don’t find it critical, though.

Oh, and a couple of words about the projects — these are attractive from both product and technical sides! The development cycle feels just right, with an accent on swift progression while keeping tech debt to a minimum.

I just adore this company, it has that cozy, amazing environment, the place where your work is respected and appreciated.

Hey Dmitri! Thank you so much for your review! Let’s keep up the amazing work together!

I will be short and accurate, Fluxon is the first company I’ve met where people are much more important rather than money!

Hey Maks! Thank you for your transparency! We truly believe that carrying about people is the most important part of our work.

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