Flowium is a full-service, eCommerce email marketing agency. We work with world-changing businesses to boost their voices and broaden their impact. We know email marketing strategy (and the technology that powers it) inside and out, and we lean on that expertise to help brands reach their true potential.

Flowium has earned the trust of some of the world’s leading brands and most discerning clients, including Honest Paws, Wine Awesomeness, Mars, Reid Cycles, RSVLTS, Four Mine among others.

→ 100+ clients
→ 97% client success rate
→ 20+ team members
→ 9 countries we’re from (mainly US)
→ 2017: when it all began

We’re an international group with team members living all over the globe. Our headquarters is in New York, and most of our team is located across North America.

We love sharing our knowledge with the world, which is why we’ve created a blog, a podcast and #1 active Youtube channel on email marketing eCommerce full of insights and strategies developed through years of hands-on experience.

We’re creative professionals who offer a 360 degree understanding of email marketing. We’re eager to share our passion with you.

To be your point of reference for eCommerce email marketing.

To be your point of reference for eCommerce email marketing.

— Continuous Innovation
• We embrace change and creativity and encourage every Flowium team member to experiment.
• We listen to our people and are always open to new ideas about how to strengthen our close, collaborative culture.
• We’re obsessive about learning more, testing new techniques, and getting more efficient as an agency.

— Integrity Matters
• We put our team members first, full stop. Our relationships with clients are important but our team members are the foundation of everything we do.
• We don’t believe in micromanagement — working at Flowium means setting your own schedule and getting things done independently.
• We have clear, universal rules and policies.

— Going Above and Beyond
• We want you to feel empowered and excited to do your best work with Flowium.
• Work is more than just work: your personal development & career growth matter just as much as your day to day tasks.
• We want our team members to develop all kinds of professional skills with Flowium, and we’re always looking for ways to make that happen.

— Playing the Long Game
• We invest in our team members’ growth — your development matters more to us than any client.
• We honor and nurture long term relationships: projects and roles may change, but Flowium employees stick around.
• We’re proud of our low staff turnover (we find the right people and will do everything we can to make sure you’re happy working with us).

TEAM HAPPINESS IN NUMBERS (Team Satisfaction Survey 2020):
— 91% of members would recommend a job at Flowium to their friends
— 90% of members want to stay at Flowium next year
— 94% of members find their work interesting and challenging
— 96% of members are satisfied with the level of flexibility and freedom Flowium allows