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Flix changes the way millions travel every day.

Thanks to our unique business model and innovative technology, we have quickly established one of the largest long-distance mobility networks in the world — and our journey has only just begun.

People at Flix...

— ... are self-starters 
— ... love innovation 
— ... are fellow travelers.

Green Mobility to Experience the World

FlixMobility, with its two entities of FlixBus and FlixTrain, is an innovative mobility provider.

We are a tech platform company, operating an e-commerce platform in the transportation industry. Our FlixBuses first hit the road in 2013 and shortly after the success of the bus lines the rail industry was expanded with our FlixTrains in 2018.

Our focus is on sustainability and making an important contribution to environmental and climate protection.

We have two fully electric bus lines — one in Germany and one in France — and our FlixTrains run on 100% renewable Greenpeace electricity.

Millions of customers since launch
FlixBus passengers

Millions of passengers have already traveled with us, 62 million in 2019 alone.

2,500+ destinations, 37 countries
European network

FlixBus connects 2,500+ destinations in 37 countries, a number which is growing nearly every day.

400,000+ connections per day
FlixBus connections

We connect cities with 400,000+ trips — often departing every 30 minutes.

The Flix Experience

Technology and innovation are our passion. Our focus on new technologies allowed us to disrupt the bus market by developing and launching our e-ticketing system, the FlixBus-App, free Wi-Fi on board, GPS Live Tracking and, recently, even an on-board entertainment system. 

We are working to give the chance to everyone to experience the world, and do it conveniently, in Flix style.

Big on connections, light on assets

In only 6 years Flix became Europe’s largest intercity bus network — despite not owning buses. Our long-distance FlixTrains cooperates with the most-successful private train operators in Europe. Through these partnerships, the innovation and start-up spirit of the FlixMobility brands meet with the long-standing experience of traditional industry.

FlixMobility’s R&D department — FlixMobility Tech

Here at FlixMobility Tech we develop software with the brightest minds from around the world to engineer new experiences for our millions of customers across our apps and websites.

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