Flexum is a full-stack product agency, we can take end-to-end ownership of the entire product development lifecycle. We love working with early-stage startups, entrepreneurs with proven track-records, and product-led companies that need to accelerate their roadmaps.

We believe that building an entrepreneurial culture creates an opportunity for everyone to have a significant impact, build deeper connections with our clients, and accelerate your career. By partnering with companies early, we become an integral part of their success and accelerate our own in the process. We stress the details, we’re design-driven, and we care about the quality and impact of what we build.

Just because we’re scrappy and entrepreneurial doesn’t mean our approach to rewarding and supporting employees is. While perks should never be a reason to join a company, we do our best to offer a great package that’s above market, including perks like education and office setup bonuses, medical and healthcare bonuses, and more. Beyond the perks, our goal is to create a working environment that is friendly yet challenging and where you’ll be surrounded by interesting and kind people who are looking to grow.

To explore opportunities with Flexum, apply online or drop us a note at [email protected].

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