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Flawless Group is an Estonian company specializing in the development of internet business solutions. With almost 20 years of experience and a team of more than 80 experts, we have successfully launched and supported over 400 projects. Our software development services range from simple solutions to powerful products capable of launching startups and global companies with millions of users.

Our name, Flawless, reflects our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and implementing best practices. By investing time and resources into debugging all processes and techniques within our company, we gain knowledge that allows us to provide top-notch products and consulting services to our clients.

Some key facts about Flawless Group include:

— Founded in 2004;
— 20+ technologies in our stack;
— 100+ employees;
— A Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 64;
— 75% of our clients rate our work 9 out of 10;
— Over 400+ successful projects launched.

To better understand each other and follow the company’s mission clearly, we have developed a set of principles that we must adhere to in our work, namely:

— Satisfied customer. We understand that the company’s success depends on the level of customer satisfaction with our services. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that the customer is satisfied with every stage of their interaction with us.
The goal of our work is for the client to achieve his business goals, be happy to work with us and recommend to others.

— Quality. This is the key indicator of success. When performing any task, we ask ourselves, “Is this the best result we could provide to the client?” The most reliable way to achieve a high-quality result is to follow processes.

— Development.Education and Developing is mandatory. Our company is only as strong as the employees in it. We work daily to acquire new knowledge and become stronger as a result.

— Feedback. We support constructive criticism and feedback. It helps us become better and improve our quality.

— Mutual aid. In our work, we create an environment of care and mutual respect, where everyone is ready to help each other. We share knowledge and strive to create conditions for development and conquering new professional heights. Help others and they will help you when needed.

— Honesty. We are honest with our customers and with each other. Honesty helps us be open and develop.

— Optimism. In any situation, it is necessary to maintain an adequate positive attitude and look for the best solution. A positive attitude helps us to overcome difficulties and achieve success.

At Flawless Group, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and delivering innovative solutions that help our clients succeed.

We would also like to point out:

— We work with high-load projects, with one of our largest projects having over 1 500 000 million users in its database.
— We apply modern approaches to development and testing.
— The average tenure of an employee in our company is over 3 years, and the average tenure of a Team Lead is 5+ years.
— We apply a systematic approach to organizing processes and have built our own system of processes and staff training.

Join us, you have a unique opportunity to realize
your ambitions at the highest level!

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