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12 вересня 2018

Mobile app architect / lead developer (New Zealand) (вакансія неактивна)

за кордоном від $9000

Необхідні навички

About Wellington, New Zealand:

Visa sponsorship and relocation support
RELOCATION: to Wellington, New Zealand

What we’re looking for:

This is a senior role, and as such we require proven experience leading mobile development teams and architecting and developing apps with complex requirements.
You’ll have significant experience with cross-platform mobile development, ideally experience with multiple approaches (progressive, hybrid, cross-platform frameworks) and understand the trade-offs between them.
We’ll want our mobile development to follow modern development practices including version control, continuous integration and automated testing so you’ll need strong prior experience with that and a solid understanding of what great development looks like.
You’ll need to be a team player with great communication skills and attention to detail — we’ll expect you to lead by example and have a large degree of autonomy over the mobile app’s development.


We offer:

— Visa sponsorship
— Competitive salaries.
— A fun, professional, creative, success-driven working atmosphere.
— Challenging and interesting work.
— A strong, supportive, engaged, and highly talented team who you will be able to rely upon, and who will come to rely upon you.
— Freedom to be creative and innovate.
— An opportunity to enjoy an OE at one of our subsidiary companies based in the United Kingdom.


About the job:

As the mobile team lead you’ll help hire a team of mobile developers and lead the design and development of the app. You’ll work closely with our product, design and test teams using agile methodologies to develop and release a basic app then extend its functionality over time.

At this point we haven’t finalised the technology stack (you can help with that) but our needs analysis points towards using a cross-platform native framework such as React Native or NativeScript.

We require a robust and flexible architecture that takes into account factors such as:

Internationalisation: multi-language support including right-to-left languages and non-ascii characters
Accessibility: meet Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 standards
Security: including secure authentication patterns and in-app security
Performance and scalability
Offline support (downloading content from the web application when network is available, completing offline then re-syncing)
Cross-platform support (iOS and Android)
Our flagship product, an open source learning management system, is shared with our partner network of over 100 companies, who use the platform to develop bespoke solutions for the unique needs of their clients. Partners will often customise or extend our products with their own plugins or code customisations. For our mobile app we want the same flexibility — we’ll develop and distribute an official Company’s mobile app via app stores, but will also provide our partners with the source code and the ability to extend the app and build their own specific releases to meet their client’s needs. We are building not just an app, but a flexible and extensible framework for app development.

The mobile app will connect to a specific client’s instance of our web application. Our application provides external services via a REST API based on the OpenAPI standard. You’ll work closely with our web application team to specify the API calls needed by the mobile app. You’ll need to design the app to interface with different versions of our web application, ensuring it gracefully degrades when linked to sites based on earlier releases.

Про проєкт

About the Company:

We develop open source e-learning software; used by some of the biggest companies around the world and we’re changing how learning technologies are developed, delivered, and purchased. We have a successful web-based Learning Management System and we are now looking to complement it with a mobile app, designed to meet the key mobile use cases for our products.