до 20 специалистов is a platform for instant peer-to-peer international money transfers in any currency.
The service enables users to link existing MasterCard cards (Visa cards soon) to the app to send or receive money instantly, using only the recipient’s phone number or 16 digits of the card. money transfer system is not an e-wallet; there is no need to top-up a new payment account or to cash out; the money goes directly from the sender to the recipient.

The service is available in 50+ countries — EU, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, and Israel, and is planned to expand into new geographies as well. aims to transform the money transfer industry by enabling seamless low cost, real-time transfers from anyone to anyone.

We are headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine, but also have offices in Poland, Lithuania, and Israel.
In 2019, transfers grew 500% YoY in terms of volume, and the company expects more accelerated growth in 2020-21.