Fevernova is able to find Developers and Engineers for Junior/Middle/Senior/Lead levels. We also place development managers, heads of technology, development directors and any other relevant roles. Our talent is a mix of permanent and contract.

We’ll help you to hire skilled guys for RELOCATION to your country and YOUR CITY. Europe, Asia — any direction!

Do you want to hire a remote team? We are here to help! Your team will be located in our office and work with you. We’ll pay all taxes and provide with Comfortable office with a good location; High-speed internet, working space; Buying extra MacBooks, screens, keyboards, software, etc.; Team building events, English courses; HR support.

We always take the time to get to know our clients and candidates thoroughly. We see the unique needs of every hiring opportunity and customize our recruiting approach to best suit each situation.

Since we have an in-house development team, we conduct preliminary interviews for all candidates to check their real skills.

Our recruiters have been hand-picked for experience in their respective fields, as well as their ability to reach top talent and identify the best fit for candidates and employers.