FasterThanLight is a European software company with development center in Kyiv, Ukraine. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about creating a great product. We do web and mobile with great UI and UX. Today our portfolio consists of more than 20 live projects from 12 countries all around the world.
4 січня 2023

Sales Manager (вакансія неактивна)


Hey, you! You-yes, stop scrolling and look here! You can be our hero! Perhaps right now, your career will make a fateful turn, and you will plunge into a whirlwind of challenges, acquaintances, and achievements. Faster Than Light will be your reliable companion in this! We develop, do cool projects, support each other, and offer to move through these stormy times together to new victories! Jump into our space shuttle, and let’s conquer new galaxies so that even the GN-z11 knows that we are pros 🙂

We are growing, which is why we are opening the position of Sales Lead. We are looking for an ambitious, people- and business-oriented Sales Team Lead!

Required skills

  • You already know how to build relationships with clients so that they remember you first when they need to implement their ideas.
  • You know how to set up the work so that the processes flow quickly and efficiently and do not fall apart because someone in the team is on vacation (and it is essential to rest periodically; we monitor this;)
  • You keep abreast and interested in what is happening in the global IT market and what new approaches are emerging in the sales field.
  • You love communication and cannot imagine your life without it and exchanging information, experience and a good mood.
  • You’re into which tools have been tested over time and are the best to use for different tasks, and you do not shy away from trying something new.
  • English as a native language, and you can freely present not only the advantages of the company but also support a friendly dispute about whether Ross and Rachel really had a “break”. 🤔

As a plus

  • You understand the IT market, and such words as outsource, ourstaff, product, DLC, clouds, RoR, Fixed Price or Time and Material are not scary but make sense for you ;)
  • You already have established contacts from the past, and you can safely communicate with old acquaintances for whom our services may be relevant.


  • Developing and implementing a sales strategy, building an effective sales process, participating in sales and closing deals and blah blah blah — you know it all, we have no doubt!
  • It is important that you form the client’s impression of the company and trustful communication with a human face and an individual approach.
  • You will boldly offer ideas on improving processes: you can take what is already working, remove the excess and add the necessary as a cherry on the top so that the sales processes work great ... as a Swiss f***in’ watch! 😎
  • You will work with clients worldwide: Europe, Australia, USA and Canada.

We offer

  • Absence of bureaucracy
  • Truly flexible schedule
  • Open to communications Top Management
  • The office is fully prepared for a blackout, but remote work is also available
  • 30 days of vacation and unlimited sick leave
  • A lot of development opportunities, the main thing is the desire to use them!