21 грудня 2022 21:13

Armen Kaklikian

I would like to share my opinion regarding FTL company.
I have been working for the company for about 2 years.
I work remotely and don’t know all the guys, but I still feel all the warmth and friendliness of my colleagues.

First of all, I will list the pros of working at FTL.

— The projects are cool and interesting. There is a lot of work on daily bases, but I am satisfied as I grew up professionally at FTL.
— FTL pays a lot of attention to the employees.
— There are no problems with payment, everything is on time and clear.
— There are all the advantages of a high-level company.

Throughout all the time I have worked for the company, there hasn’t been any negative experience.
I would like to thank FTL from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to work here.

Strongly recommend joining the company.


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Armen, thank you so much for your feedback!