Farlep-Invest (Vega Telecommunications Group)

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Vega — one of the largest fixed operator in Ukraine providing full scale of telecom services in fixed retail and wholesale markets.

History of Telecommunication Group VEGA (owned by leading financial and industrial group System Capital Management (SCM) has begun in 1994 when major telecommunication companies nowadays forming our holding were found. In the course of time they joined their progressive experience and technologies in VEGA Telecom Group.

As one of the leading brand names in Ukrainian telecommunication market VEGA appeared on October 15, 2008, and today VEGA continues expansion and further development of telecommunication services in Ukraine.

And we are proud of our mission — to be reliable guide for our customers in multiform telecommunication world and make everyday things more interesting, effective and comfortable.

Ucomline is a wholesale division representing VEGA Telecom Group in international markets. VEGA Telecom owns powerful backbone in Ukraine and fiber-optical cross-border connections with neighboring-partners in Poland and Russia. Ucomline has its PoP in Frankfurt (Ancotel) and already interconnected with more than 29 international carriers. This allows us to offer both voice and full range of data services and solutions all over Ukraine with any complexity and commitment to quality.