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Faria is a leader in international education systems & services providing an integrated systems suite across learning, admissions, school-to-home and online courses & study services to over 10,000 schools and 4 million students in over 155 countries with a suite of services:

➔ ManageBac is the leading online planning, assessment, and reporting platform for IB World Schools, supporting over 140,000 educators in 130 countries for over 15 years. By providing schools with one unified system on a consistent, modern, and mobile-ready interface, ManageBac offers a seamless & integrated experience for coordinators, teachers, students, and parents.

➔ AtlasNext is a leading online planning, assessment and reporting platform for independent and international schools worldwide. By providing schools with one unified system on a consistent, modern and mobile-ready interface, AtlasNext offers a seamless & integrated experience for school leaders, teachers, students, and parents.

➔ Pamoja is an education technology company based in Oxford, UK. We provide schools across the globe with flexible online learning solutions that address key educational challenges, from structured content through Pamoja Lesson Suite, to courses fully taught by our own teachers, Pamoja Online Courses.

➔ OpenApply is a modern School Admissions Management System supporting every stage of the applicant journey from enquiry to enrolment. Our cloud-based interface works seamlessly across devices for both families and staff, streamlining the process and reducing stress. Today OpenApply supports over 450 schools in over 80 countries.

➔ SchoolsBuddy is a comprehensive extra-curricular management system for staff, parents and students, featuring activities management, online payments, plus sign up, allocation and attendance for after-school activities. Trips, online consent, parents evenings, sports teams and bookings can all be managed through the SchoolsBuddy platform.

➔ Curriculum Trak provides the leading curriculum management platform for K-12 faith-based schools. The unique Faith Learning Integration allows teachers to easily align key conceptual spiritual understandings with curriculum, lesson plans, and learning outcomes. Schools can also join a larger network of faith-based schools to collaborate around faith-based teaching content and resources. Founded in 2003, Curriculum Trak services are used by more than 850 schools and districts.

➔ MiniPD is a Professional Learning Hub created by and for educators around the globe. Each educator is supported by the learning community on their unique professional growth journey by connecting with engaging content and personalized coaching.

Product Blogs: www.faria.org/blog

Our Focus Areas
Translating our purpose into action: the key problems we are working to resolve every day:
➔ Paper to Paperless
➔ Unified Family Experience
➔ Integrated All-in-One School Systems

Purpose: Enhancing Efficiency in Education Globally

Faria Core Values
1. Customer-Focused: everything we do ties back to solving customer ‘jobs-to-be-done’.
2. Accountable: every person is responsible for getting things done.
3. Direct: we communicate plainly and clearly.
4. Meritocratic: individuals excel based on their commitment, contributions, and capability.
5. Efficient: we work fast to win time and strive to avoid waste.

We are a globally distributed team with offices in Portland, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong, London, Angmering, Oxford, Kyiv, and Ivano-Frankivsk.

How we work?: www.fariaedu.com/careers

Faria Education Group is an equal opportunity employer, we’re united by our core principles, and we celebrate our unique differences. What kind of people works at our company? All kinds!

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