Fairo LLC

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We’re on a mission to transform freelance finance. Freelancers are pioneering the future of work. They are global, digital, and flexible — and the tools they use should be, too. Fairo was built to help hardworking freelancers get rid of their most tedious (and unpaid!) work, so they can pursue their passion, be more efficient, and live happier.

Believe us, we’ve been there. The unfriendly, complicated invoice templates. The confusing tax form and the missed deadlines. The bookkeeping mistakes that cost us hours of time to fix — not to mention the stress and sleepless night.

Like most freelance workers, we hated everything to do with tedious administrative work — invoicing, account, and tax reporting. And it got us thinking — why is this still so hard and time-consuming?

That’s why we made Fairo. (Powered by Raiffeisen Bank)