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19 липня 2022 0:00

Max Savchyn, MBA Degree - expected in 2023. в Ivey Business School

Hey everyone!

Month ago I had my last working day as a product manager at Cpamatica. I am taking a break from work to complete my MBA in Canada during the next year.

It was my best working experience, so I have decided to write this post myself (yes, I wasn’t even forced to write this by HR 🙃).

This is the company where you can find new challenges and understand yourself better. A year ago, I started with small product changes that made little or no impact, and this month my team and I have completed a global project to create a new business model. I am infinitely grateful to the team and management of the company for the great atmosphere they create during both working and non-working hours. The only thing I miss more than my project and company’s atmosphere is people. I miss all of you already, and the memories of our joint trips, parties and even meetings in the office will stay with me forever.

I will be glad if this post will not only be a note of nostalgia, but also useful for those who see themselves in IT in the positions of marketer, product manager, analyst or designer.

I am glad to share more about my personal experience and answer any questions about work in Cpamatica, please, just DM me on LinkedIn :)


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Макс, дякуємо за такий відгук!
Успіхів тобі🙂🔥 Завжди чекаємо на зустріч:)