Expercast is a funded education startup that is setting out to dramatically accelerate the rate of human learning — not by 10% or even 100%, but by up to 10,000% (the knowledge equivalent of one entire book per day).
2 августа 2019 Первая работа

Junior QA Engineer (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— Strong diligence
— High intelligence and ability to learn quickly
— Understanding of testing concepts/methodologies
— Some experience with manual testing
— Upper-intermediate English

Будет плюсом

— Commercial testing experience
— Basic knowledge of JavaScript, SQL, HTML/CSS
— Basic understanding and/or experience with REST API testing (Postman, Swagger) or Gherkin tests
— Some development experience (e.g., pet projects)


— Exceptional coaching in a small and highly collaborative senior team
— Challenging tasks and opportunity to learn best-practice QA processes
— Complete flexibility in working hours
— Above-market compensation, with semi-annual reviews
— Opportunity to learn cutting-edge automated testing
— Chance to disrupt the education industry


You will start your career with us by enjoying an intensive bootcamp under the guidance of our senior QA. Our bootcamp includes theoretical and practical components related to software testing in general, mobile testing and test automation. It will get you fully prepared and enable you to hit the ground running. In parallel to the bootcamp, you will already start working directly alongside our QA leadership on manual and, increasingly, automated testing and will receive ample coaching.

In your cover letter, please briefly indicate how you became interested in QA and describe your current level of knowledge and experience with testing.

Also make sure to check out our website to learn about other great opportunities that we may offer: expercast.com/hiring.

О проекте

We are a well-funded startup aspiring to disrupt the education space by building an innovative app that dramatically accelerates learning. We predict that an average user will acquire the equivalent of an entire master’s degree in a single year, merely by using their downtime more productively.

As we are still in stealth mode, we’ll keep it at this and our CEO is looking forward to telling you more live.

Website: www.expercast.com/hiring