Expercast is a funded education startup that is setting out to dramatically accelerate the rate of human learning — not by 10% or even 100%, but by up to 10,000% (the knowledge equivalent of one entire book per day).
23 мая 2019 Первая работа

Content Curator (part-time, remote) (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— Upper-intermediate English
— Ability to learn quickly and problem-solving prowess
— Diligence and drive
— Ideally a student — e.g., currently at KNU, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy or Hogwarts
— No previous experience required


— Competitive compensation in USD
— Complete flexibility in terms of when and how much to work
— Ability to work remotely from wherever you are
— Opportunity to work in an amazing team :-)
— Impact on the personal and professional growth of people all around the world


You will be responsible for helping us identify and select the all-time greatest articles on a large variety of topics our users will be interested to learn about. You will review the highest-quality and most captivating content and tailor your curations to the needs and expectations of different user segments.

О проекте

We are a well-funded startup aspiring to disrupt the education space by building an innovative app that dramatically accelerates learning. We predict that an average user will acquire the equivalent of an entire master’s degree in a single year, merely by using their downtime more productively.

As we are still in stealth mode, we’ll keep it at this and our CEO is looking forward to telling you more live.

Website: www.expercast.com/hiring