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Expercast is a recently founded startup that is aspiring to put a dent in the universe by building an application that dramatically accelerates learning. We have raised funding and have been assembling a small team composed of some of the strongest engineers in Eastern Europe. We offer you: 1. A CLEAN CANVAS.
29 марта 2019

Junior Analyst / Recruiter (Remote) (вакансия неактивна)


Необходимые навыки

— Strong problem-solving skills and ability to learn quickly
— High level of initiative and creativity
— Upper-intermediate English
— Interest in interacting with people and cheerful nature
— Previous experience is not required — you will learn everything on the job
— Ideally a student — e.g., currently at KNU, Kiev-Mohyla Academy or Hogwarts


— Competitive compensation in USD
— Complete flexibility in terms of when and how much to work
— Ability to work remotely from wherever you are
— Broad freedom of action in a small and dynamic team
— Coaching directly from the company founders
— Rapid professional development in a top-notch People Ops organization


You will be responsible for helping us find, identify and attract the greatest talent for the technical and non-technical roles that we are hiring for. This will include brainstorming, trying out and prioritizing hiring channels, reaching out to candidates and leading them through the assessment process as well as conducting interviews. We are very data-driven, so you will have the opportunity to make cool analyses and use these insights for coming up with recommendations.

О проекте

We are a well-funded startup aspiring to disrupt the education space by building an innovative app that dramatically accelerates learning. We predict that an average user will acquire the equivalent of an entire master’s degree in a single year, merely by using their downtime more productively.

As we are still in stealth mode, we’ll keep it at this and our CEO is looking forward to telling you more live.

Website: www.expercast.com/hiring