Expercast is a funded education startup that is setting out to dramatically accelerate the rate of human learning — not by 10% or even 100%, but by up to 10,000% (the knowledge equivalent of one entire book per day).
12 липня 2022 Перша робота

Junior JavaScript Developer Excited to Learn React (Remote) (вакансія неактивна)


We are a funded startup aspiring to disrupt the education space by building an innovative app that dramatically accelerates learning. We have assembled a small senior team composed of some of the strongest developers in Eastern Europe. We work remotely and organize regular in-person meetups. In our team, you will quickly expand your Javascript skills and become an expert in React, React Native and other topics you’re most interested in. Besides our main product, Expercast, we also have two small side projects, which you will have an opportunity to contribute to as well: One Daily Nugget (www.onedailynugget.com) and N-Back Challenge (nbackchallenge.com)

What you will be doing?

You will start your career with us by enjoying an intensive bootcamp under the guidance of our senior developers. Our bootcamp includes theoretical and practical components in JavaScript, React and React Native. It will get you fully prepared and enable you to hit the ground running. In parallel to the bootcamp, you will already start working directly on our products. You will receive ample coaching and our experienced developers are eager to answer your questions and help you improve. Like this, you will quickly grow into an increasingly independent developer.

Why Expercast?

  • Competitive compensation in USD, with semi-annual reviews, plus a stake in the financial upside
  • Complete flexibility in terms of when, and how much, to work
  • Ability to work remotely from wherever you are
  • Opportunity to learn cutting-edge technologies and best-practice development processes
  • A chance to team up with the smartest — and nicest — people you’ve ever worked with
  • Ample one-on-one coaching by the company founders (two McKinsey alumni and PhDs)
  • Broad freedom of action and abundant opportunities for rapid professional growth
  • An opportunity to transform education and put a ding in the universe


  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript (ES11+)
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Strong diligence and drive
  • Strong software development fundamentals (OOP, automated testing, code patterns)
  • Upper-intermediate English (our assessment process, including the interviews, will be in English)

As a plus:

  • Experience with React/Redux
  • Experience with React Native
  • Experience with NextJS
  • Experience with ESLint, Flow
  • Experience with mobile app development