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21 листопада 2022

UI/UX Designer (вакансія неактивна)

віддалено $2000–3000

Job description

We are looking for a UI/UX Designer to join our Marketing team. In this role, you’ll work closely with a Lead Acquisition manager to create powerful converting pages and an effective design system. You will be responsible for creating a quality design for landing pages, banners, e-books, and interface elements. Our common goal is to create a modern, monolithic, and high-quality design for all communication channels.

Job Requirements

Key responsibilities:

  • Creating a design system and a unified style within the entire Expandi ecosystem
  • Drawing individual pages, banners, previews, and promotional materials for the company
  • Prototyping and building a positive UX experience
  • Design for lead magnets, e-books, banners, YouTube video previews
  • Creating quality visual content for social media and our blog articles
  • Assisting with CRO and refining existing pages to improve key marketing metrics

Skills and expertise:

  • 3+ years experience in UI/UX design, experience in Motion Design or other design areas would be a nice bonus
  • Advanced skills in Figma, WordPress, Adobe Illustrator
  • Advanced level of English is required (written and spoken)
  • Experience in designing web interfaces, commercial landing pages
  • Experience in developing design systems and forming the general stylistic basis of the product
  • Experience in working with the WordPress admin panel, including refining pages in Page Builder, will be a plus
  • Advertising design skills, simple animation, and motion design skills will be a plus
  • Outstanding visual storytelling and narrative abilities to not only make design fun but to encourage users to become part of our community
  • Willing to accept coaching, edits, and feedback from our team
  • The ability to stay organized and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Experience working in the SaaS B2B space

If you feel this description resonates with you, send us your CV as well as a link to Behance \ Dribbble!


We’re not your average startup. We started from the ground up, bootstrapping our way to millions in revenue (in an already over-saturated market), and now just within two years, we are ranked 54th out of the world’s 474 fast-growing bootstrapped software companies published by Latka Magazine. It’s like the “Inc500” list, but only for Bootstrapped SaaS companies....and we continue to grow fast!


We could go on and on about how we’re the most fantastic place to work, that you’ll have a great time here with all your new friends. But what’s really important is that this organization has ambitious goals and sets lofty aspirations for its people

We want our employees to be better than they were yesterday. We believe in investing in them, so they can grow into who they are meant to be; because of this, there will always be something meaningful going on at the company—projects worth working hard for.

And even if it sounds like I’m bragging about us too much...at least, when you send someone an email from work or grab some water out of the fridge (yep — our water bottle), you know where it came from!

We think that at the end of the day, it’s people who matter. And we are a company made up of people; you don’t need to be from Stanford or have an MBA to rise through our ranks and make your mark. We’re looking for talented individuals with ambition, drive, and dedication -no pedigree is required!

Fair pay
 — We try our best to be the best we can and put our people first. Therefore we try to give everyone a fair, competitive salary. Your package will be composed of a solidly fixed salary and a nice variable package. It is our philosophy to reward you for your performance, if you do well for Expandi, you should benefit and get rewarded!
Growth potential 
— Let us know what your interests are and what you need to grow your skills
and knowledge and we’ll take care of it. It is in our interest to make sure you keep developing yourself so we are keen to stimulate you in your career development within Expandi.
Healthy work-life balance
 — You have a life outside of work. That life always comes first. Too hot to focus? Head to the pool, and work in the evening.
All ideas are welcome
 — We don’t really do hierarchy. So if you have a great idea, you’re always free to bring it to the table. And to bring it to life.
Fun-loving work-family
 — Let’s face it: when you join us, you’ll be spending a lot of time with us. Luckily we’re all super fun. And fun-loving.