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27 червня 2022

Product Manager (вакансія неактивна)

Ейндховен (Нідерланди), віддалено $4000–6000

Role Description:

A Product Manager is a person who identifies the customer need and the larger business objectives that a product or feature will fulfill, define what success looks like for a product, and guides a team to turn that vision into a reality.

PM should spend a significant amount of time understanding the problems Expandi users face. Deeply understanding the problem is the foundation for all other activities PMs take on and enables the PM to define the vision and effectively prioritize the backlog.

PM needs to have a strong analytical mindset and use an evidence-based decision-making approach.

The product manager develops a vision and roadmap for the product, based on input from internal stakeholders, customers, market research, and own industry insight. PM will work closely with Development/Engineering and other teams to deliver products that meet market needs and are delivered to a consistently high-quality standard.

Job requirements


  • Understanding and representing user pains and needs.
  • Drive the execution of all product lifecycle processes including product research, market research, competitive analysis, planning, roadmap development, requirements development, and product launch
  • Aligning stakeholders around the vision for the product.
  • Prioritizing product features and capabilities.
  • Assess current competitor offerings, seeking opportunities for differentiation
  • Regularly talk with users and customers
  • Uncover insights through the data analysis and UX research
  • Translate product strategy into detailed requirements for an engineering team
  • Define the product strategy and roadmap
  • Develop and deliver training to technical support
  • Gain a deep understanding of customer experience, identify and fill product gaps and generate new ideas that grow market share, improve customer experience and drive growth
  • Scope and prioritize activities based on business and customer impact
  • Work closely with engineering teams to deliver with quick time-to-market and optimal resources

Requirements and skills:

  • At least 2 years of experience in product management
  • Strong technical background with an understanding of how software is built, packaged, deployed, and operated
  • Passion for design and usability
  • Excellent proficiency in English
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills are required since the Product Manager has to communicate with team members, other departments, upper management, and consumers of the company’s products
  • Have a growth mindset
  • Excellent proficiency in working with product analytical tools like Amplitude, Mixpanel
  • Make thoughtful decisions motivated by data and research
  • Guru at qualitative customer interviewing
  • Familiar with prioritization frameworks like RICE to organize feature backlog.
  • Capable of extracting key insights and patterns from customer interviews, and using that input to clarify problem statements.
  • Solid knowledge of SQL and ability to execute complex SQL queries
  • Experience with tools like Retool will be a plus
  • Proficient at story mapping, to break epics down into smaller issues.
  • Proficient at collaborating with design on prototypes to bring potential solutions to life.
  • Deep data analytics and metrics management skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work on multiple projects in various stages simultaneously
  • Experience crafting Product and Market Requirements Documents

Fair pay
 — We try our best to be the best we can and put our people first. Therefore we try to give everyone a fair, competitive salary. Your package will be composed of a solidly fixed salary and a nice variable package. It is our philosophy to reward you for your performance, if you do well for Expandi, you should benefit and get rewarded!
Growth potential 
— Let us know what your interests are and what you need to grow your skills
and knowledge and we’ll take care of it. It is in our interest to make sure you keep developing yourself so we are keen to stimulate you in your career development within Expandi.
Healthy work-life balance
 — You have a life outside of work. That life always comes first. Too hot to focus? Head to the pool, and work in the evening.
All ideas welcome
 — We don’t really do hierarchy. So if you have a great idea, you’re always free to bring it to the table. And to bring it to life.
Fun-loving work-family
 — Let’s face it: when you join us, you’ll be spending a lot of time with us. Luckily we’re all super fun. And fun-loving.

We could go on and on about how we’re the most fantastic place to work, that you’ll have a great time here with all your new friends. But what’s really important is that this organization has ambitious goals and sets lofty aspirations for its people
We want our employees to be better than they were yesterday. We believe in investing in them so they can grow into who they are meant to be; because of this, there will always be something meaningful going on at the company—projects worth working hard for.
And even if it sounds like I’m bragging about us too much...at least, when you send someone an email from work or grab some water out of the fridge (yep — our water bottle), you know where it came from!
We think that at the end of the day, it’s people who matter. And we are a company made up of people; you don’t need to be from Stanford or have an MBA to rise through our ranks and make your mark. We’re looking for talented individuals with ambition, drive, and dedication -no pedigree required!