Exoft is a software development company that provides solutions to various business needs.

After our first meeting in 2013, our team of skilled IT experts has built more than a hundred software systems regardless of their types and complexity. Fortunately, our numerous success stories speak for themselves.

Since we consider Microsoft technologies the perfect ones to develop complex, scalable, and flexible systems, the Exoft team primarily focuses on utilizing .NET. At the same time, we can demonstrate fantastic results using ASP.NET technology to create applications and systems for different businesses and non-profit organizations. But we also work with many other technologies and tools, including Java, Angular, React, Xamarin, and Swift.

Over the years, Exoft has worked with companies of various sizes representing multiple industries, mainly logistics, education, construction, energy, and fintech. However, our critical emphasis is on healthcare, where innovative software tools can assist doctors in treating patients and saving their lives. With no quality compromises, our developers can build robust medical solutions to help healthcare providers ensure better patient services, automate workflows, improve care outcomes, and protect sensitive medical data.

Our fundamental principles are transparency, security, accessibility, and rationality. They help us guarantee the success of all projects and satisfy our clients. Before starting coding, our dedicated developers always intend to understand the business logic that underpins the requirements. Thus, we take a broader view to get the bigger picture and recognize the practical value the customers’ specific products can provide to their users.

Moreover, each team member becomes a loyal business partner for our customers. Therefore, we not only carry out all the necessary tasks but also suggest and advise on developing high-quality digital solutions and facilitating the entire development process.
Besides software development, Exoft offers top-notch quality assurance services to find and address bugs before the system’s release to end users. Lastly, our support team, including business analysts, UI/UX designers, and project managers, provides professional project advice as a contribution to our ongoing collaboration.

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