5 вакансий

  • The project is an educational reading and writing assistive application that has already been at the market for years and has advanced text recognition, prediction, and spelling check features. It is integrated with Google Docs, Office 365, Facebook, etc.
  • Manual QA Engineer Винница
    ● 1,5-2+ years experience in web application QA ● Good understanding of QA methodologies & practices ● Experience with testing documentation maintenance ● Experience with Jira ● Intermediate — Upper-intermediate English
  • An innovative web and mobile book reader application which helps with learning new languages
  • EXISTEK is a software development company that is shaping ideas into great software. We have a perfect workplace for people who are passionate about technology and leveraging it to solve new challenges every day.
  • Необхідні навички — Good TypeScript and JavaScript knowledge— Experience with React— At least Intermediate English Буде плюсом — Knowledge in Angular (or willing to learn it)— Experience with Node.js— At lease some understanding of SQL and NoSQL databases Пропонуємо — Interesting...