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For more than 20 years, Exadel has been delivering Digital Transformation services, enterprise and custom software solutions for Fortune 500 clients, including HPE, Deloitte, Home Depot and McKesson. With 20+ locations and delivery centers across the US and Europe, Exadel solves the most complex engineering problems using Agile methodologies, offering a scalable and skilled mix of multi-shore resources at the industry’s most competitive price. Exadel’s digital transformation solutions and services help chart new strategies that are built upon creative thinking, cutting-edge design, and technical innovation, designed for the growing digital landscape of business.

Enterprise Services
— Digital Transformation Experts
— Developing mission-critical software and mobile applications
— Advising companies on how best to leverage open source technology
— Helping companies plan and implement migrations to better technology stacks
— Providing QA, automation, and testing services for application development
— Supporting and maintaining applications and systems for companies
— Providing on-line training and mentoring to companies
— Assisting companies in evaluating their current enterprise software architecture and planning for improvements or new systems.