Exactpro specializes in quality assurance services and related software development with focus on test automation for securities data distribution, trading systems, risk management, market surveillance and post-trade infrastructures. We truly believes that empowering and encouraging our staff is the best way to reveal their true potential.
11 мая 2020

Java Developer

за рубежом, удаленно

Необходимые навыки

** command of Java 8+, SQL, JSF/JS;
** more than 2 years of working experience as a Java programmer.
** work experience: 1-3 years
** command of English (intermediate level).

Будет плюсом

** experience of working with Spring, Java Message Service (IBM MQ, ActiveMQ), Maven/Gradle, Git;
** knowledge of MINA/Netty, RxJava; ReactJS libraries;
** command of Kotlin.


** to work remotely or rellocate to one of our offices (Tbilisi, Kostroma, Obninsk, Saratov)
** free English lessons;
** compensation of professional certifications;
** medical insurance (in case of rellocation)
** discounts for a gym membership (in case of rellocation)


** to create new system components, test them using unit-testing;
** to modify and support existing application components;
** to work on improving the readability and quality of the code;
** to take an active part in communicating with other developers and the testing team;
** to participate in improving the development process;
** to train junior programmers.

О проекте

As a Java Developer, you will work on one of our tools:
** Sailfish — performs functional testing of trading systems.
** ClearTH — is designed for functional testing of post-trading systems.
** Transparency HR System — ERP-system for automation of internal processes.


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