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30 сентября 2019 11:37

Leo Yu, CMO в Evrius

I have been working at Evrius for more than 5 years. For that time I passed interesting road up to CMO and co-managing processes for several projects. A few words about AD-tech holding.

above average by the UA market. For both new employees and current ones.

does not stand still and launches new projects and products. Therefore, for the new team-players, it is possible to gain new knowledge and develop within the company in various fields. For beginners, rapid growth is possible along the career ladder, as projects quickly scale.

Here, all employees have clear objectives and KPI, this work is not for those who want to attend from 9 AM to 6 PM and receive a fixed payroll. Therefore, if you want to earn more — you will have such an opportunity, if you want to sit out working hours — it is unlikely to succeed.

Really comfortable relationship in the office. A third of our life is spent at work, so it is extremely important to come to the office with pleasure and communicate with colleagues. As well as regular team buildings, corporate events and a sense of humor of colleagues do not let you get bored :)

Cool. Star-oriented. Your neighbors. Average age 25+. Basically, all the guys are professionals in their fields, but the road is open for beginners too.

A tennis table, a horizontal bar, and a sports corner have own place in the new office B class. Moreover, there is a bar with a real bartender where you can get an alcohol free cocktail. Well, cookies, fruits as standard.

Road to innovation.
Any employee can offer an idea to improve the business process, the functionality of the project, the development of a new direction, etc. These ideas will be studied and feedback will be given, or maybe you yourself will take up the implementation of your idea.

In general, maybe I’m used to it, but I didn’t even pick up the minuses of the holding.
P.S. I wish good luck to colleagues as well as newbies!

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