EvoTalents is a fully remote technical recruitment agency with 10+ professional and creative recruiters in the team. We were founded by Elena Volk (a person who is truly passionate about technical recruitment) in 2016 and we have already filled more than 250+ vacancies. 90% of people we have found in the last 2 years pass a trial period.

We mostly work with product companies having the values which are the same as ours. We help companies such as iDeals, Erbis, YouScan, Sitecore, Reface, Sparkybit. We have technical expertise and experience in filling various vacancies even the most difficult ones (for example, Clojure Engineer or Senior Java Developer from Europe who relocated to Ukraine). Last but not least, we’re source geeks! If you have already reviewed all profiles on Linkedin, we know how to find anyone in other sources (even on Instagram or Meetup).

We are transparent and we live in accordance with our values:

We do everything with a soul. We like to close vacancies, but most of all we love the feeling when we have connected an ideal candidate with a company.

We are partners for our clients. At the same time we do even simple things with a unique EvoTalents’ approach: quality, personalization, global sourcing, honest interviews, immersion in a client’s product or a project are important to us.

Our team is a place of strength for each of us! We always understand and support each other, and we are ready to help each other anytime. And although we are all very different, we are united by great love for people and recruiting.

We share our knowledge and experience with the community of IT recruiters and sourcers on our social networks, at our events and coursers at EvoTalents.School.

In 2018 we opened EvoTalents.School, because we’re sure that sharing is caring. We’ve already taught more than 400+ Technical Recruiters and ~40% of students without experience in IT found their first job right after “Intro in Technical Recruitment” course (our average NPS is 9.6!). We also conduct corporate training: for example, we created custom sourcing training for Grammarly’s, DevPro’s and DataArt’s sourcing teams and educated 40+ Recruiters from GlobalLogic. Moreover, we systematically conduct open meet-ups.

And, of course, we provide benefits for all our teammates:
— Unlimited paid vacation. We don’t limit the number of days off: we value results and quality, not the number of hours.
— Truly flexible working schedule. Some of our team members have little children or attend pilates during working hours. You can build a comfortable schedule especially for you.
— 50% of payment for all educational and professional events. In addition, we have a big internal library of webinars and books, and give access to all EvoTalents School courses. You can fully satisfy your constant need for learning!
— We are a fully remote team, so you can work anywhere you want. If you want to work in coworking — we will provide you with that (50/50).
— We help with accounting tasks, so you can focus on your work. You also can choose any bank which you want.
— A big field for your ideas and project implementation. Everyone in our team can change the hiring process, work on improvements in our sourcing approach, start a big internal educational project. We appreciate initiation and everyone can take more responsibility besides work on vacancies.

Feel free to reach out to us:
— Elena Volk ([email protected]) if you want to hire great people with our help.
— Maria Naumenko ([email protected]) if you have questions about EvoTalents.School.

Stay in touch:
— Join our telegram channel “Ukrainian Sourcing Community” (t.me/uasourcing), if you want to receive a weekly digest with useful articles for recruiters.
— Review course plans on EvoTalents.School site (https://evotalents.school), if you want to boost your knowledge.
— Subscribe to our Facebook and Linkedin pages, if you want to learn more about us and our news.

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