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6 січня 2023 19:45

Iryna Zayachuk, Account Manager в ETEAM

I worked for eTeam as an Account Manager for 1.5 years. I am happy to share few insights below:

-eTeam’s Leadership & Management team truly cares about each individual and leads by example. The overall atmosphere and working culture are great. You get a feel of being part of the family, enjoy visibility and total inclusiveness into the company’s life. The feeling I had was being a partner working collaboratively towards the overall success, rather than an employee.
-eTeam is composed of highly professional people who love what they do and are always willing to help. It was really inspiring to be exposed to insightful discussions, exchange of ideas, brainstorming and collaborative efforts, which gave a boost for my personal upward career development.
-There are mature and well streamlined processes both internally and for interacting with clients. Such workflows truly benefit employees in each position, helping to stay engaged and focused.
-Likewise, there are mature and truly outstanding clients at eTeam, ranging from well-established start-ups to enterprise level companies with an international recognition. It was super exciting and rewarding to work with such clients.

Overall, I strongly recommend eTeam as a wonderful place to work! Unfortunately, I had to leave due to the personal reasons related to the war.


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