Esper Bionics is a pioneer engineering company focused on mechatronics, AI, and IoT technologies for Human Augmentation. We are building the first bionic ecosystem of connected devices to push the boundaries of human potential and unleashing a world of new possibilities.
1 квітня 2024

Electronics Design Architect (вакансія неактивна)


Position: Electronics Design ArchitectTeam: Engineering
Locations: Ukraine, Kyiv
Full-time, on-site

Esper Bionics is a pioneer engineering company focused on mechatronics, AI, and IoT technologies for Human Augmentation. On the way to implanted electronics, we upgrade the prosthetic industry, bring the next-level prosthetic devices here and connect robotic prostheses under our platform to enhance their control and usability.

Esper Hand is a self-learning robotic prosthetic hand that detects muscle activity and adjusts the control to behavior patterns of the user to perform everyday tasks In a more human-like dexterity. Esper Hand will be available in the US starting in the summer of 2022.
Esper Control is a wearable, non-invasive brain-computer interface
Esper Platform is a cloud-based software solution that uses machine learning algorithms to individualize the control of wearables, including the Hand.
Headquartered in New York. Featured on TechCrunch, Mashable, Business Insider Mexico, and Medtech Innovation News.
We are Reddot “Best of the Best” winner 2022.
Featured on TIME Magazine Cover: Recognized by editors as one of the TOP 200 Best Products of 2022

Key Responsibilities:
responsible for driving high-level product development for the firmware and electronic components of Esper products. This includes:
— HW Product design and help to grow HW Team
— Staying informed about industry trends and complementing the team with engineering qualifications.
— Analyzing ready-made solutions in the global market.

Job Skill Requirements:
We are seeking candidates with the following skills and qualifications:
— Demonstrated proficiency in both analog and digital electronics design, coupled with hands-on experience in SPICE simulation
— Experience in technology or team leadership, or a strong desire to grow into a team leader role.
— Proactive mindset and a commitment to continuous learning.
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a related engineering field, or equivalent practical experience.
— Proficiency in English (Upper-Intermediate) and Ukrainian (native).
Preferred Skills:

We highly value candidates with expertise in the following areas:
Participation in high-growth startups and emerging technology projects.
Awareness of CE Certification/FDA requirements for electronic devices

What else you need to know about the Esper team:
We work with fantastic people
The team of brave engineers in an innovative environment leads to bold solutions.
It is an innovative environment based on the freedom to make mistakes or share ideas that can look crazy to other companies.
Every engineer in our team knows where they grow.
Learning is the only way to become the best, and mistakes are a part of learning.
Our Impact
We share our long-term and exchange our lifetime for the most significant impact possible, and we are transforming humanity.
We have assumptions about how much life each device will create in impact points, aka years of life. It helps to understand the importance of what we do.
Fascinating devices, you feel what you build.
We can interact with our product offline, use, destroy, and upgrade. It’s incredible to write code and see how significantly it improves the lives of people you meet.
Why is it worth working with Esper Bionics?
We at Esper believe that human capacity and abilities are underestimated. We aim to unleash them by building technologies that can eliminate diseases, give humans extra skills, and ultimately fulfill and prolong the lives of billions around the globe.