Esper Bionics is a pioneer engineering company focused on mechatronics, AI, and IoT technologies for Human Augmentation. We are building the first bionic ecosystem of connected devices to push the boundaries of human potential and unleashing a world of new possibilities.
8 квітня 2024

Mechanical Design Engineer (Biomechatronic Prosthetics Development) (вакансія неактивна)

Київ, віддалено

Esper Bionics is a pioneer engineering company focused on mechatronics, AI, and IoT technologies for Human Augmentation. On the way to implanted electronics, we upgrade the prosthetic industry, bring the next-level prosthetic devices here and connect robotic prostheses under our platform to enhance their control and usability.


  • Esper Hand is a self-learning robotic prosthetic hand that detects muscle activity and adjusts the control to behavior patterns of the user to perform everyday tasks In a more human-like dexterity. Esper Hand will be available in the US starting in the summer of 2022.
  • Esper Control is a wearable, non-invasive brain-computer interface
  • Esper Platform is a cloud-based software solution that uses machine learning algorithms to individualize the control of wearables, including the Hand.

Headquartered in New York. Featured on TechCrunch, Mashable, Business Insider Mexico, and Medtech Innovation News.

We are Reddot “Best of the Best” winner 2022.

Featured on TIME Magazine Cover: Recognized by editors as one of the TOP 200 Best Products of 2022

Our Product Video: Esper Hand

Featured Article: Time Magazine — Best Inventions 2022

Location: Kyiv

Key Responsibilities:

  • Concept development (analysis of user needs and requirements for the component/product).
  • Generating concepts for new components and mechanisms.
  • Prototyping components and mechanisms to verify functionality and usability.
  • Optimization and improvement, analyzing test results and making necessary changes to the design.
  • Preparation of documentation for production.
  • Collaboration with other departments to ensure successful transfer of developed designs to production.
  • Research and innovation: staying abreast of the latest technologies and scientific developments in the field.
  • Implementing innovative solutions to enhance functionality and product quality.
  • Post-release support for mass production.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or related field.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in developing mechanical systems and devices (instrumentation, robotics, engine building, complex optics).
  • Ability to conduct research on technical solutions available in English-language resources.
  • Knowledge of electronics fundamentals and experience collaborating with electronics engineers for mechanical-electrical integration is preferred.
  • Proficiency in CAD software for mechanical component design (SolidWorks).
  • High level of proposed technical solutions (minimal iteration count in mechanical component development).
  • Knowledge of manufacturing technologies and design of easily manufacturable, assembleable, and serviceable components.
  • Materials science knowledge and ability to select materials for medical applications.
  • Proficiency in using small tools for the independent assembly of designed components.
  • Experience and ability to create drawings and specifications according to ISO (or other widely recognized standards).
  • Proficiency in English language (B1 level or higher).