Epom is an international ad serving and ad management solution provider with headquarter in Kyiv, Ukraine. The company creates cross-platform ad serving tools for publishers, advertisers, ad networks, and app developers. Epom solutions enable users to run display, video, and mobile (both web and in-app) ad campaigns and track combined analytics — all within one account.
Epom flagship products are Epom Ad Server, Epom Market, and Epom DSP.
Epom Ad Server is a universal ad platform which has been specifically tailored for the needs of large publishers, advertisers, and ad networks. It provides precise targeting, real-time analytics, diverse optimization features, white labeling options, and more.
Epom Market is a cross-platform ad network which connects high quality publishers with top advertisers. It operates globally, offering services in more than 40 different countries. Epom Market supports mobile, display, and video ad campaigns.
Epom DSP: а sleek toolkit for your programmatic campaigns. Thanks to a refined set of Bidding Autopilot algorithms, it works — you just revise. The white-label functionality guarantees 100% data transparency, custom targeting options, no bid markups, and all admin benefits.