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We are an international IT company with a 10-year background with the head office in San Diego, California, and our offices in Miami, Florida; Warsaw, and Kyiv.

We have huge expertise in these fields: Digital Marketing (Email Marketing, Media Buying, Affiliate coordination) and Software development.
Our clients include several large firms here in the USA, including working with promotions related to people like Bill O’Reilly (huge Fox News personality), Newt Greenwich (former speaker of the House), and many other top USA companies.

Also, we are developing more than 6 socially useful products: Unique automation platforms for Digital Marketing, which could increase work efficiency for a lot of companies. Modern technical stack as: React.js, Golang, Node.js, AWS, Kubernetes, CI/CD, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and etc.

We believe in people, passion, and desire to make a difference and dig deeper until the gold is found. Internal motivation and an amazing team are the main sources of success, therefore, we aspire to connect with like-minded experts to create and develop awesome things together!

With us, you will get challenging tasks, career opportunities in a successful American company, the ability to earn, and an environment for efficient work!
Don’t hesitate to contact us ASAP!


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