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  • Our customer is the London-based ambitious start-up with an intelligent multi-channel content generation and customization of solutions for customers in the UK and worldwide.
  • Java Architect (Kharkiv) Харьков
    Lots of business at EPAM is connected with Java technology stack. If you are exploring professional changes or career opportunities, join this dynamic and global company — as a possible place to level up.
  • This is an opportunity for experienced engineers to learn a new technology in Automation Intelligence sphere: Workfusion. It is a modern RPA platform based on Java. EPAM provides Workfusion training and certification.
  • EPAM Kharkiv is looking for Senior/Lead Test Automation Engineer to take QA lead role. Our client is one of the biggest retailers in North America (e-commerce). It is a big account with Kharkiv team up to 40 members (with PM and QA manager).
  • Currently we are looking for a Senior Big Data Engineer for our Lviv office to make the team even stronger. We are seeking a Senior Big Data Engineer to participate in the project for multinational mass media and information firm.
  • We are looking for Senior Software Engineers to work on mid-term web projects. The duration of each is from 8 to 12 months. After the release of the project, the team is transferred to the new one.
  • This a challenging role for an ambitious and career-minded manager interested in taking higher-level roles. Purpose of the role: ownership for product development and it’s delivery.
  • Команда Рекрутерів ЕРАМу шукає Ресерчерів у Дніпрі. Вакансія не вимагає попереднього досвіду в рекрутменті, ми всьому вас навчимо самостійно і безкоштовно.
  • Our customer is an online-fashion outlet, with operations across Spain, Italy, Brazil, and Mexico and holds the leading market share in all these markets.
  • Our customer is one of the biggest ticketing platforms in North America. We are developing a platform from the “greenfield” for further companies’ innovations.
  • Our customer delivers the highest quality gaming and entertainment services to customers through its flagship brand and other associated brands.
  • As a Software Test Automation Engineer (Java), you will live on the front lines of the products we create, and build features used by millions of people every day. Our customer is a leading science and technology company delivering life-transforming medicines for serious diseases.
  • Our customer is a media technology company with development centers in London and Prague. Their core product is a tailored content management system for OTT media companies. (Netflix type application).
  • Java Engineer (Kharkiv) Харьков
    As a Java Engineer, you will live on the front lines of the products we create, and build features used by millions of people every day. Our client is one of the mature and biggest information services providers in the USA. The market is Information Services.
  • There are 7 core applications that are presently for internal use mostly, but we are building a roadmap for how to use the data and processes within the apps to grow other applications.
  • 4 stages of passing Java Hiring Week: 1. Schedule the time for an online interview and send a resume http://epam.ua.tilda.ws/lviv_java_week_180319 2. Receive a confirmation that you have been invited to Java Hiring Week 3. Take an online interview 4.
  • Запрошуємо Middle + (від 2х років досвіду) спеціалістів стати частиною команди експертів EPAM всього протягом 24 годин і отримати sign-in бонус від $1500! Обери сам зручний час, отримай підтвердження і пройди онлайн співбесіду.
  • We’re running Spring Java Marathon in Kharkiv on March 11-22 to hire experienced Java Engineers for EPAM projects. This is an exclusive opportunity for Java Engineers to get an offer within 42 hours, sign in bonus of $1500 (Middle), $ 2000 (Senior) or $2500 (Lead).


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