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EOS Data Analytics is a software company that works in the commercial space niche, with the main office in the USA and development centers in Ukraine (Kiev, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhya).

We are developing a digital online platform for searching, processing, and analyzing large volumes of data retrieved from satellites. Using regular and custom algorithms, the system creates solutions to the challenges in business development and planet preservation. The tools developed by our team provide individual analytical solutions in agriculture, forestry, oil & gas, alternative energy, and other industries.

EOS DA specialists are also engaged in the projects that help companies minimize the negative impact on the environment, from reducing the amount of waste products in various industries and implementing the sources of renewable energy to reforestation on a massive scale and the optimization of the use of water resources.

Our key products:

  • Crop Monitoring, a satellite-driven online platform for precision agriculture. The service helps agronomists to remotely manage fields, thus saving time, effectively allocating resources, and increasing yields.
  • Forest Monitoring, a software for managing forest stands with the help of satellite monitoring. The tool allows its users to lower the risks of deforestation, water stress, forest cover loss, and forest fires.
  • Land Viewer, an online tool for working with satellite data. It allows for on-the-fly searching, processing, and extracting valuable insights from satellite data to tackle real business challenges.

Our team is looking for professionals who will help us bring space closer to humans and make their daily lives easier thanks to faster and better-informed decisions.

At EOS DA, you will be working with a team of talented big data experts, scientists, and developers who have already realized multiple cases in satellite imagery analytics in order to increase productivity and profitability in diverse industries.

By 2025, EOS Data Analytics is planning to place seven optical EOS SAT satellites into the LEO (low Earth orbit). Launching a proprietary constellation of satellites will allow us to control the full cycle of working with satellite data, from taking images to processing. It will also help us increase the precision of satellite monitoring. One of the key tasks of the new satellite constellation will be farmland monitoring, making it the first true agriculture-oriented satellite monitoring project.

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Read the interview with EOS DA founder here and check our resources:

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