Ennabl is a startup headquartered in Greenwich, CT (USA) with a global team across multiple time zones (Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, USA, Ireland). At Ennabl, we are building a modern connected platform for insurance brokers and agents.
24 ноября 2021

DevOps / Systems Development Engineer (Mid/Senior, AWS, Remote) (вакансия неактивна)

удаленно $3000–6000

Ennabl is a startup headquartered in Greenwich, CT (USA) with a global team across multiple time zones. At Ennabl, we are building a modern connected platform for insurance brokers and agents. Ennabl platform unifies, organizes and advances enriched data by role and function to accelerate the ability of insurance brokers and agents to source, advise and manage clients. Ennabl links tools, data and people to work together for better outcomes

Who we are looking for ?

Our ideal candidate will be a quick learner and able to work both independently and as a team player. They should have an excellent knowledge and understanding of AWS cloud, modern DevOps best practices and be able to efficiently write code using one of modern programming languages (preferably, Typescript, but others work as well). As part of this role, successful candidate will be working with our engineers very closely, understanding their needs and making sure those needs are served.

Why join us ?

There are many reasons to join us, but here are just a few:

  • People are our main asset — we are a great collaborative and friendly team of professionals where every voice is being heard and everyone is ready to help you. Be sure you will feel safe and cozy for your very first day! Moreover, occasionally we get together in some cool places like New York, Dominican Republic to have some fun and get to know each other better.
  • At ennabl, we insist on the highest standards of code quality, we use only modern programming languages and libraries (no legacy code!) and we have a ton of interesting engineering problems to solve!
  • Every employee is an OWNER and is offered company equity;
  • Fully remote work — want to work from a cottage by the sea? Go for it!
  • All employees receive best-in-class equipment (latest MacBook Pro, Apple keyboard/mouse/trackpad, etc.) — we ensure that our engineers are not hindered by outdated hardware;
  • “No Meetings Wednesday” — All employees are guaranteed at least one day with no distractions with formal meetings — your time to code, code, code!
  • Regular lunch & learn sessions — great opportunity to share your knowledge or learn something new;
  • Learning days — we believe that as an engineer part of your job is to always look around and learn new technology, new trends in software development, etc. So we periodically run learning days when at least 4 hours of your time is dedicated to learn new stuff, you choose any topic/technology you’re interested in and just learn&experiment!
  • If you reside outside of Ireland we provide an opportunity to relocate to our software development center in Dublin, Ireland and receive compensation in Euros.

Some technologies that we use

We’re deployed into AWS cloud and use variety of AWS services, including:

  • AWS CloudFormation (CDK), AWS OpenSearch, AWS RDS (Postgresql), AWS DynamoDB, AWS S3, AWS Glue, AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, AWS ECS (Fargate, Docker), AWS CodePipeline, and many others.
  • Our services are thoughtful designed using microservice approach. We utilise serverless computing where it is beneficial. We believe in CI/CD and use it everywhere.

Basic Qualifications

  • 3+ years of relevant experience
  • Deep experience with AWS cloud
  • Experience with AWS CDK & AWS CloudFormation
  • Good coding skills and understanding of CS fundamentals
  • Experience with virtual networks (VPC, VPC peering, routing, etc.)
  • Experience with one of modern programming languages: Typescript, Python, etc.
  • Good writing and communication skills
  • Ability to communicate both in English and Russian (writing and verbal)
  • Most important: ability to learn new technologies in a short period of time

Preferred Qualifications

  • 5+ years of relevant experience
  • Experience in startup environment
  • Experience building SaaS platforms
  • Experience with modern web applications