Enjoy Gaming Ukraine

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Enjoy Gaming Ukraine — this is a team of experienced professionals in the gambling industry with strong support from market experts and stable foreign investments to launch new products in the live-dealer sphere (roulette, blackjack, baccarat, etc.).

We invite initiative and independent professionals to join our team and become key individuals in our business. We also welcome ambitious newcomers with the aim of developing cool specialists within our team.

We are flexible, which means that we will adjust to you and your needs. You are free to choose where and how to work, where to live, and how to dress. If you need an office/co-working space, we have organized it in Kyiv and Bratislava, although currently, a significant part of the team works remotely. And we will officially employ you. And you will receive compensation without delays and postponements because of “stable foreign investments.” Also, all industry perks are included.

The main thing we are looking for is the result. If you are result-oriented and deliver it in full, with a minimum of management/processes/regulations and other bureaucracy.
Overall, if you want a startup spirit with financial stability and cool mentors, get in touch!

We will be happy to meet you!

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