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🚀 Are you a tech rockstar but an English minor?
🚀 Do you want to drive communication and be a thought leader in your organization?
🚀 Do you have the technical skills but lack the communication competency to succeed?

If you have at least one “YES”, then English For IT is for you!

English For IT is a full-service English language institute. For the past 10 years, English For IT has set the bar for specialty IT English language courses in Europe, Latin America, and the USA. English For IT has been rapidly expanding its user base and now offers the full course and instructor led training sessions remotely for clients around the globe.

Contact us today to consider on-demand live workshops and seminars, English language chat sessions with native English speakers, full-year course curriculum for your tech teams, or personalized specialty training for C-level executives.

🛸 Book a free demo day for your IT company: english4it.online/corporate-ua#demo
🛸 Sign up for a free three day IT English Challenge: english4it.online/it-english-challenge-ua

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