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Our Business

Enavate transforms businesses and the lives they touch. Our consulting, Cloud and managed IT support services enable key decision-makers focus on their organization’s overall mission and vision, knowing that the day-to-day operations are under control. Clients in the distribution, manufacturing and professional services industries rely on our implementation expertise to improve processes, boost efficiency and stimulate agility in an ever-changing business climate. Enavate is a Microsoft Gold and NetSuite Solution Provider. Learn more about our fresh approach to ERP, managed IT services and Cloud implementations at www.enavate.com.

Why the name Enavate? We chose a compound version of the many words that describe the ’how’ and ’why’ of our business. When working with ideas such as Enable Success, Navigate, Innovate, Create Value, Enterprise, and Ignite Innovation = Make the Future Work. Now — well, Enavate simply seemed like the obvious construction.

Our Core Values

Teams — We take care of our own.
Innovation — We explore, evolve, and seek excellence on every level.
Results — We are achievers who set high goals and reach them.
Integrity — We are trustworthy. Our word is our bond.

Our Vision

Great outcomes begin with a clear vision of what is possible and a driving passion to get there. At Enavate, we have looked into the future and outlined what we want our character, composition and culture to be.

Our Why — We transform businesses and the lives they touch. To us, it’s personal.
How — We break through limitations. We listen, challenge, and collaborate.
What — We offer business management solutions with a fresh perspective.

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