Enamine is a fine chemical R&D company, which works with European and US customers. Originally it was founded in 1991, and now the company is one of the main chemical R&D products and services providers for the world pharma and agro industry.

Our mission is to provide the pharmaceutical, medical and biological industry with a variety of smart chemical solutions to support the efforts aimed at the development of new drugs and bioactive products. Our customers are the majority of TOP-20 world pharma companies, leading international universities and research centres.

Our people are our key asset. This is why the focus of Enamine has been on attracting the brightest research, engineering, management, and business talents from top Ukrainian institutions and abroad.

IT team plays an important role in digitalization of the company’s business processes. It is achieved by developing an in-house ERP-CRM system aimed specifically at chemical R&D business, as well as creating flawless customer experience from e-commerce ordering, punchout integrations to automated order processing.

Our Corporate Values:

Professionalism: Enamine guarantees its clients and partners that its staff is competent. We strive to work as one team and learn and acquire new skills to perform our obligations effectively. We bear responsibility for the company’s performance by
working properly.

Respect: We truly respect our clients and suppliers, and we maintain mutual respect in the Company and towards the people who come into our lives daily. We value our differences. Such features as race, nationality, physical looks and such may
not be grounds for discrimination against other persons.

Teamwork: We realize that the prosperity and the competitiveness of the Company are ensured by all its departments and that all of the work is important. We perform different tasks, and thanks to this, the Company exists. By helping others in a team or the members of other teams when possible, we improve the Company’s general performance and, consequently, its stability and competitiveness.

Social responsibility: We realize that we live in a society, so social problems also affect us. This is why we strictly abide by the Labour Code, pay taxes and do not commit bribery. We support education and science in Ukraine. We believe that a person may be happy only if that person is surrounded by happy people. This is why we support the people in need on a regular basis.

Environmental protection: All of us inhabit planet Earth, and its future is our future and the future of our descendants. Thus, we are actively searching for ways to decrease our negative influence on the environment.

Proactive position: We engage in activities that are not included in our job duties if we know that they will help the Company and our colleagues. We learn new things, constantly advance and develop professionally. We do not wait until somebody else does something to make our future better. We do it ourselves!